April 17, 2014

Mid-April Ruminations & Cogitations

After a brief cold snap, we’re going to be heading into a string of beautiful spring days here in east Tennessee. In typical April fashion, I’ve been alternating the thermostats between heat and air conditioning. Trees in our area are rapidly taking on a multitude of green hues. Dogwood and redbud blooms are winding down, and late-season daffodils and tulips are heralding the season.

While we were sitting on the front porch this past Sunday, a male hummingbird paused in front of our faces, wondering if we had put out the sugar water yet. We put a feeder up in short order, and hummingbirds are already visiting it. We also have a pair of birds making a nest in the bird bottle that hangs on the front porch. I haven’t caught them in the act yet, so their identification remains unknown.

April 11, 2014

A Personal Photo Challenge - Close-up/Macro

It’s time for A Personal Photo Challenge! “Close-up/Macro” is the theme this month.

A Personal Photo Challenge

Spare time has been a rare commodity at our cottage lately, but I managed to capture and post-process three new images for this month’s challenge. I used my Nikon D800 DSLR and 105mm macro lens. Please click on each photo to see them bigger and study the details.

purple pansy macro
f/20, 1/4 second, ISO 320

April 10, 2014

God Bless Therapy Dogs (and Their Owners)

There are little unsung heroes who routinely visit the Cancer Institute, bringing cheer to patients as they wait for their doctor appointments or receive medical treatments.  We’ve met a couple of these furry friends in the past, and today we got introduced to Miley, an adorable Italian greyhound.  The petite gal didn’t hesitate to jump in Mr. Jim’s lap this afternoon at the infusion center, as soon as he patted his lap.  I quickly snapped a photo with my iPhone.

God bless these four-legged creatures and their owners for their unselfish gift of love.

April 5, 2014

A Personal Photo Challenge - Reminder

The monthly photo challenge will be Saturday, April 12, on my other blog! “Close-up/Macro” is the theme. Please click on the photo link below for details and instructions. The linkup gadget will be available on Friday, April 11, in case you wish to publish your challenge post a day early.

I’m looking forward to your participation!